Bøgedals moods in HØST

Bøgedals moods in HØST

In August 2018 we invited to a "taste of harvest". A sensual exploration centered around beer and food. Our plan was to use the entire farm, the ravines and the brewery to put people in the mood of “Bøgedal”. We live in the middle of Vejle river valley. The longest tunnel valley of Northern Europe. It was a unique local event, first of its kind, that celebrated the best the area could offer of craft beers, meats and vegetables. Masterfully composed as a magical dinner, with long tables in the barn, under large bouquets of sunflowers from our field.

We had asked the guests to meet under the beech tree, in the courtyard. A tree with deep local roots and ambitions to reach the sky and the clouds. Like us and our artisan approach to all that we do also beers. Everyone was greeted expectantly. To embark on the journey and the adventure of Bøgedal.

They were promised the best beer from our cellar, the best meal made by our Chef of the house and locals greens. Beer made on Scandinavians only free fall brewery. Meat that had lived on grass vile overlooking the valley's most beautiful view and in addition was fat on nutritious mask. Vegetables from the region's most magical greenhouses. The guests were not disappointed.

From the beech tree, guests were brought into one of the farms 4 buildings. The Brewery. With the boiler, shaped like a bulls head and vessel hanging in chains. Everything but industry. Crafts and methods, with roots in the old days. Simple and raw. With processes that gently and safely create the sublime "good beer" Bøgedal is internationally known for. 740 liters at a time. That’s it…

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