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" When Casper Vorting guides you around the brewery, the mind tends to wander back to those seldom times that  you only experience in the cellar of a Mediterranean vineyard, when the winemaker proudly treats you to a tour of his cellar. This mysterious atmosphere and spirit is reflected in everything about the place: the brewing methods, choice of bottles, labels etc. It reeks of quality and a mature respect for the beers own character.”               Henrik Bøegh, Handmade Beer.


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All Gravity

Bøgedal is Scandinavia’s only all-gravity brewery and is boiled over an open fire using local wood as fuel. “Bøgedal’s brewing method is an attraction in itself, since the brew flows freely (all gravity), from vat to vessel, without pumping, creating different levels by use of hand-powered hoists and pulleys.” Jyllandsposten

Real Craftbeer made by hand


Bøgedal is the only commercial brewery in the world that maintains the Old Danish tradition of brewing Godtoel or “the good beer” which predates the industrial age. This traditional beer is strong and very rich with many of the natural sugars still intact.


By restricting the reliance on technology and without temperature control Bøgedal tends to allow the beer to live its own life and develop naturally. The brews are never identical, even when the same recipe is followed. As each brew is unique, they are identified by the batch number printed on each label along with specific details of production such as the type of beer and hops that are used.


The secret is simply a deep communion with the raw ingredients and Gitte Holmboe works constantly to improve and refine the recipes.


World Class Beer

Jan Filipe, Barley Wine, describes a Bøgedal Beer like this: “…is the only one in Denmark, maybe in all of Scandinavia that is remarkably singular, finding no points of reference among its fellows.
Were we to find a parallel in the world of wines, it could be nothing less than a “Pingus-beer”.


The world famous Danish Newspaper, Jyllands Posten, short and sweet, describes Bøgedal Beer as, “…a world class brew with depth and originality”, and in another article, “Brewer master, Casper Vorting, has found a magic formula for beer, justifying its position as Denmark’s most costly. He doesn’t attempt to interpret an IPA, a monastery brew, a bock or for that matter any other type of beer. Beer from Bøgedal is Bøgedal Beer, in their own home-styled fashion.





Bøgedal brewed on barley from Nordic Gene Bank


Bøgedal have found a treasure trove of taste in the Nordic Gene Bank at Swallows Bart . Old Danish grains have opened up new flavors and possibilities for the beer and now Bøgedal produces malt that is not just malt, but a documentation of a Danish legacy.  But it takes patience for each new variety represents 5 years of careful labor - from the first planting to the brewing of 700 bottles of beer.

Over the next several years we plan to go on tasting and discovering in order to select the most interesting varieties. Bøgedal is eagerly anticipating the ability to grow and malt even more heritage grains. It will be a long journey, but since our production has been founded on an ethos of tradition and handcraft we are prepared to invest both time and care into producing a superior beer.

Many compare the taste of the first brew with champagne or top quality white wine. It is a delicate experience with interesting flavor notes that appear clear and clean side by side.

Exclusive production of 35.000 bottles annually



Bøgedal was founded in 2004, and has an annual production of a mere 35,000 bottles of 75cl. Each brew has a capacity of 800 bottles.
“…the brewery is Denmark’s smallest, but definitely among the most original”
Berlingske Tidende


Jyllands Posten 14th of June 2008

Bøgedal No. 125, 6,7%
“It is unbelievable how much flavor can be concocted from water, barley, hops and yeast. Like Bøgedals other beer, no. 125 is a beer outside of all genre, but I will still dare to describe it as a freshly brewed and tapped ‘Märzen’, with a loving touch of alcohol, a splash of bock and a dash of cascade hops. Both light and heavy, simple and complex. The perfect beer for lovers on a picnic.”

6 out of 6 stars

Jyllands Posten 2th of December 2007

Bøgedal No. 103, 6.3%
”Of course, there come charming brewers out of the Vejle River Valley. Brewer Casper Vorting has found a magical formula for beer, that justifies that it is also Denmark’s most costly. He doesn’t try to interpret an IPA, a monastery brew, a Bock, or for that matter any other of the many beer types. Beer from Bøgedal is Bøgedal Beer in their own, styled fashion. No. 103 – the number signifies the succession in order of brews – is like most Bøgedals round, soft, vitally emotional and discreetly seductive.  With a hint of Porter, a bit of chocolate and zesty orange, coupled with a 6.3% kick, it has a bit more of a love-bite than the brewers other passionate undertakings.

6 out of 6 stars”

The Brewery’s own description

Brew No. 101
Pale Ale, Pearl, Cascade 5.9%
Light amber, small, compact bubbles and creamy head. Aromatic sweetness with traces of honey, wheat and fine wine. A wonderful latent sweetness and bitterness with a taste of citrus. Good body, balanced and comfortable. Goes well with an informal get-together, but also with classical white meats and poultry, yams, pasta, mushrooms or mature, but mild, port cheeses.

Brew No. 103
Dark Ale with Northern Brewer, Orange, Brown Sugar 6.3%

Dark-brown beer with a dark-brown head. Smells sweet of prunes and citrus with an acidic tip. It fills the palate with its sweetness, and opens up into a pleasant bitterness. Hangs in the mouth like a dark chocolate with a faint smoky aftertaste. Goes well with venison and chestnuts, blackberries and brussell sprouts, smoked or salted meats. 

Brew no. 125 
Light, Pearl, Cascade 6.7%

Light amber with a very white head and small bubbles that leave a fine embroidery on the glass. A scent of acacia honey and fresh spring flowers. The taste is full of sweetness with notes of citrus turning into dried apricots, and finishing slightly bitter and perky. Hangs languorously on the pallet, and goes well with all types of cheese, café foods and lunches.

Brew no. 127 Copy 103
Dark, Northern Brewer, Orange 6.5%

Dark-brown, with a light-brown, tight head.  A slightly orange aroma, and a bitterness of a dark chocolate, and honey tarts. It starts out a bit sharp with a bitter café espresso finish. Goes well with hearty slow-food, even add a splash to the pot, or as a beer-marinated piece of beef. 
Brewed according to the same recipe that received 6 out of 6 stars in Jyllandsposten December 2007

Brew no. 130
Golden Ale, Pearl, Tettnang 5.2%

Amber-colored, with a café latte-colored head. A sweet smell of Danish Spruce, milk chocolate and brown sugar. A hearty beer, with a real nice creamy taste, and a good balance between the bitter and the sweet. Enjoyable as an after-dinner cap, or a relaxer after a busy week. Goes just as well with a light lunch, or mild cheeses. Brewed especially to the American market

US distribution

The beer is being imported by B. United International Inc for distribution on the US marked.

Gitte Holmboe
Phone +45 40116268
Skype: gitte.holmboe